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As Ghana’s largest private university, West End University College is here to provide you not only a path to your degree, but a college experience like no other. WEUC offers over 30 degrees and numerous minors and certificate programs so you can customize your education to meet your career and personal goals. Our top priority is to provide students with a transformational learning experience that helps them grow as individuals, scholars, and professionals.

Highest Salaries

West End University College’s graduates enjoy highest starting salary of all Ghanaian Universities according to the state council for higher education in Ghana.

Ranked as a top private university in Ghana

West End University College is ranked as a top private University college in Ghana by the state council for higher education.

The Value of a WEUC Education

A college degree is one of the most valuable investments you can make and WEUC is consistently recognized for providing a quality education at an affordable price.

At WEUC students gain unparalleled academic and career advantages. Ghana’s Council of Higher Education placed WEUC at the top of the list of Ghana universities for highest average starting salary of its graduates, making WEUC a smart investment.

Home Away from Home

WEUC has quickly become one of the largest residential campuses in the Greater Accra region. Our walkable campus allows you to be close to everything, no matter where you live.

Just a few of the benefits of living on campus are:

  • Comfortable residence halls with good security facilities
  • Top-of-the-line fitness and athletic facilities
  • State of the art library
  • Sports and concert venues, including a 1,000-seat auditorium
  • 10+ student clubs and organizations
  • A 24-hour internet access.

A Location that Sets Us Apart

WEUC’s prime location in Accra, Ghana, just a few miles from the West Hills mall, Bortianor, gives you the best environment for learning. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of living near the nation’s capital, while also feeling safe and right at home at one of the largest and most beautiful residential campuses in Accra. The city becomes your playground—you can intern with National Geographic or the Justice Department, visit museum exhibits with your classmates.

Prospective Students

Looking for a college is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time. We’re here to help guide you through the process and answer all your questions so you can determine if WEUC is the right choice for you.